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Man’s death blamed on mother of four

By David Muri PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Sept. 2, 2010) - Can the government or somebody do something?

That is the question citizens in Western Highlands are asking following the death of a woman – killed in the most horrific manner over sorcery allegations on Monday afternoon that left her four children living with relatives in fear.

Their mother was tied with barbed wires, publicly crucified and later burnt to ashes in a village on Monday afternoon.

Reports say their father had so far escaped from the killing as he feared for his own life. The barbaric killing took place at Kontena village in Anglimp sub district. The Post-Courier visited the crime scene early yesterday and confirmed the incident.

The woman, a migrant settler from Mt Au, in East Kambia, a remote area in South Waghi, was allegedly accused of killing a young man from the Kuli Nangen tribe through sorcery. According to relatives of the dead man, the woman confronted him on Sunday over PGK10 [US$3.60] he had borrowed from her three weeks ago. His younger brother Petrus Kume said suspicions were raised when the man complained of severe stomach aches after the woman had left without being repaid. Mr. Kume, a councilor and former deputy president in the Anglimp LLG, said his brother died early Monday morning. Relatives immediately surrounded the victim’s house, captured her and tied her up, using logs and barbed wires and displayed her in public, similar to a crucifixion. Witnesses say she was badly beaten; her left arm chopped off and went through extensive interrogation before being taken to the roadside where she was burnt alive using petrol, logs and used tires.

Cr Kume claimed the woman confessed to placing his brother’s heart beside a creek. When the Post-Courier visited, only parts of her intestines were covered with raw earth.

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