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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Sept. 24, 2010) – Our law says any foreigner coming to work here must first obtain a work permit before coming over to work.

This applies to all foreigners in all sectors.

Why are those in the logging industry exempted?

Two Malaysians brought here by logging firm Samlimsam Ltd to work revealed their story to the Solomon Star on Wednesday.

The company told them they’ll get their work permits on arrival.

But when they got here in May this year, they were whisked away to the company’s logging camp in Malaita and straight into their job.

They were never given their work permits until they left the camp in the past week and decided to tell their story.

Why are these foreign logging companies allowed to mess around with our laws?

They’ve already done much damage to our forests and yet they’re still allowed to muddle around with our laws.

Look at these two Malaysians. They were brought here only to work as drivers in the logging camps.

Didn’t our law says only jobs Solomon Islanders cannot do can be taken up by foreigners?

Driving a log truck is certainly not one of those jobs.

We have a lot of people who can drive log trucks, operate chain saws and saw mills.

So why are these logging companies bringing in foreigners to take up jobs that Solomon Islanders can easily do?

This is yet another outright violation of our laws by these foreigners.

Samlimsam Ltd, according to the Commissioner of Labour Josiah Manehia, was caught doing the same thing before.

Now, they are doing it again.

Can the Immigration and Labour pull up their socks and get companies that don’t respect our laws to account for their illegal actions?

This must be stopped, now!

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