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Yap State Government Colonia, Yap Oct. 7, 2010

The French ambassador to the Federated States of Micronesia, Thierry Borja de Mozota, flew out to Ulithi where he visited a solar energy project on one of the islands in the lagoon funded by the French government under the European Union Solar Energy Development Program.

[PIR editor’s note: Ulithi is an atoll in yap located at about 191 kilometers east of Yap with an estimated population of 800 inhabitants.]

Faustino Yangmog, general manager of Yap State Public Service Corp., and other government officials also traveled with the ambassador to assist with arrangements for the visit, including transportation to the site of the E.U.-funded solar energy project.

Upon arrival in Ulithi Atoll, the ambassador was transported by boat to Asor Island where he inspected the solar energy power plant there. The European Union gave funding in 2009 for the solar energy projects in both Asor and Fathrai, but due to limited time, the ambassador was not able to visit the site on Fathrai.

Following the visit to the site in Asor, Borja de Mozota returned to Falalop in the afternoon and flew back to Yap to prepare for his departure yesterday.

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