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Washington hopes to remain neutral

HONOLULU, Hawaii (Pacific Islands Report, Oct. 6, 2010) – A delegation of West Papuan activists reportedly urged Obama to advocate on their behalf when he meets with Indonesia President Susilo Yudhoyono in November.

The people of West Papua, who are governed by Indonesia, are accusing the government of committing genocide. According to VOA [Voice of America] news, an estimated 100,000 Papuans have been killed. The Indonesian government, however, is denying all allegations.

The report states that American Samoa has rallied more than 50 members of Congress to support West Papua’s autonomy movement. Supportive members are to recommend that Obama put the issue at the top of his list when he meets with Yudhoyono.

A Washington official reportedly declared that U.S. does not support the separation movement but would rather see both sides work out their differences to resolve the conflict.

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