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Multiple live-fire training grounds planned

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, Nov. 1, 2010) – The military buildup and training operations on Tinian will not prevent tourists from visiting the island’s historical attractions.

John J. Jackson, director for the Joint Guam Program Office Forward, gave assurance to the Tinian business community that the access roads to historical sites and other tourist attractions will not be blocked by military operations.

Jackson discussed the military buildup during last week’s forum at the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino,

He said the military operations in the next few years will be constructive and not destructive.

"In due course, Tinian will need infrastructure and more access roads which means more resurfacing and repair work, but we will see to it that these projects will not interfere with access to historical sites," Jackson said.

He said before any action takes place, military planners will talk to the people to come up with plans that can produce a positive impact on Tinian.

He said if one of the firing ranges is near the bomb pits or other historical places, they will have to come out with another route so residents or tourists can still visit these areas.

Jackson said firing ranges will not be built on Tinian until the military needs them.

The construction of firing ranges, he noted, will mean more jobs for the people.

"We want local constructors to do the work, and we need people to maintain the firing ranges," he said.

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