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Country’s spending plan endorsed 4 months late

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Nov. 1, 2010) - Nauru's parliament has passed the national budget, nearly four months after it was due to be enacted.

With the successful nomination of Ludwig Scotty as speaker of Nauru's Parliament on Monday, Marcus Stephen was re-elected president, which automatically ended the national state of emergency.

The emergency was declared earlier this year to allow the government to function, while parliament remained in a nine side standoff.

[PIR editor’s note: According to Winnipeg Free Press, "the political deadlock began eight months ago when three former government lawmakers sided with the opposition and tried to pass a no-confidence motion against the Stephen government, which failed and led to the indecisive general elections. Two weeks ago the nation's Supreme Court ruled in favor of Stephen and his government after an opposition challenge to the legality of the state of emergency."

Mr. Scotty's nomination as speaker means Nauru's parliament is able to function for the first time since the start of the year.

This allowed the budget, which was meant to be passed by the house before the end of June, to pass immediately on Monday night.

[PIR editor’s note: A Radio Australia report described how the Parliament of Nauru has affected the people. "For the people of Nauru, this deadlock is an extension of the political volatility which has meant over 40 changes of government since 1968. People say they are sick of their politicians playing power games, instead of governing in the interests of the population."]

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