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LIFE'S A PARTY FOR JOLLY CONS IN GUAM PRISON Leaked video shows birthday barbeque behind bars

By Jennifer Naylor Gesick

HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Marianas Variety, Nov. 9, 2010) – A video made in prison leaked to the media shows some inmates having access to dangerous weapons like ax and having a blast partying inside the jail as if they are on vacation instead of feeling remorse for their offenses.

The 36-minute video taken inside the Guam Department of Corrections minimum security titled "Bad Boyz Gone Good," was produced by convicted murderer Billy Cao Cruz, and recorded by sex offender parolee Lawrence "Scooby" Madera, using a laptop webcam.

The footage was taken on Oct. 9, 2009 and shows preparations for a barbeque party to celebrate one of their fellow prisoners’ birthday.

One of the clips show Warden Francisco B. Crisostomo and Capt. Joseph B. Lujan showing up unexpectedly at Post 24 for the barbecue and are given plates of food.

Crisostomo is seen shaking hands, sitting, eating and talking with some of the inmates.

The captions in the video stated that at first the Warden was being calmed down by an inmate named "Ton" and said "Good job."

Then the video captions stated that the Warden was unknowingly being filmed by the laptop, "strategically hidden in plain sight."

It goes on to say that due to the Warden’s presence, "the number of no-shows increased dramatically (Party Pooper)."

During the barbecue, inmates from the three different security classifications are all seen together mingling and eating. Blue for minimum security, yellow for medium security and orange for detainee shirts are visible.

Before then, two inmates were seen holding a giant ax and waving it around proudly. They are standing beside the grill apparently preparing food.

More than 30 of the Post 24 inmates appear on the video with captioned names and nicknames.

Most speak into the laptop’s microphone with messages to their friends and family. The one inmate who appears to be the star of the video is the alleged prison boss, convicted murderer Vincent Palomo.

Four minutes of the video feature only Palomo in the weight room, posing and working out.

This section of video was captioned and dedicated to his inmate wife, Marian Palomo, whose legal last name may still be Dulana. The two were married in October 2000, according to Variety sources. She is incarcerated for the 1995 murder of Hans Dela Cruz.

Since the video was originally shot last year, murdered inmate Allen Feranco appears at the beginning.

However, the end of the video is a "shout out" to Palomo and Steven Albertson, his partner in the 1989 murders of Gordon and Norma Sleeman: "Thanks for bringing us Peace. Peace Out."

Albertson has been charged with the May 19th murder of fellow inmate Feranco who had been convicted of the 1992 murder of Joy Miguel Molina.

Some sources have speculated that Albertson admitted to the murder in order to save Palomo, who does not want to lose visitation privileges with his inmate wife.

Sources told the Variety that as of Thursday, Nov. 4th, Palomo, Cruz and Rolly Bautista had been transfered from Mimimum In’s Post 28 unit and confined in the Administrative Segregation Unit Post 6, reportedly pending investigation into the video.

Sources also say that on Friday, DOC management ordered the surrender of all laptops owned by Minimum In residents. Each had been legally authorized by the warden on a case-by-case basis.

Phone calls to DOC director, J.B. Palacios were not returned as of press time, and sources said he is on sick leave.

Senator Adolpho Palacios was outraged and he said although he had not seen the video yet, he had heard about it last week, and he is planning on getting a copy. "The implication of that in respect to the nature of security is what the heck is going on?" Palacios said.

"I believe it should go up to top management," Palacios said which would include his brother director of DOC J.B. Palacios. "There is no excuse," said Palacios.

He then added that this warrants not only an oversight hearing on his part, but also a criminal investigation. "I will look at this and make a copy for the [Attorney General] so they can look into this action being investigated criminally," he said.

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