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‘We want to keep that among us’

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 10, 2010) – The President of the Media Association in Vanuatu says its desire for the country’s media industry to be reserved for indigenous ni-Vanuatu is not an attack on the head of the Vanuatu Daily Post.

The Daily Post Managing Director and Publisher Marc Neil-Jones, who is a naturalised citizen, applied for an FM radio licence about seven months ago and says the local FM 107 station and the Vanuatu Times newspaper are objecting.

The President of the Media Association blong Vanuatu Evelyn Toa, says she has been asking the government for a long time to reserve the media industry for the indigenous ni-Vanuatu people.

"Vanuatu is a small nation. We want to keep that among us because we know our culture. We know there’s a lot of cultural issues sometimes. We indigenous ni-Vanuatu can handle those issues better than anyone else. What we are trying to defend is our rights, integrity, welfare of the people of Vanuatu."

"Evelyn Toa is also rejecting suggestions by Mr Neil-Jones that he is seen as a threat to the media industry."

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