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$159,000 goes to picturesque Western Province

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Nov. 25, 2010) – The government of Solomon Islands yesterday received SB$1.3 million [US$158,900] from the government of Taiwan to assist with its operations and projects in the Western province.

Taiwan ambassador to Solomon Islands His Excellency George Chan formally released the payments which come in two packages.

One is for the Government Caucus Office, Policy and Evaluation Unit, and Government Communications Unit, IT equipment and vehicle for the government and next payment is for three small Projects in Western Province.

Prime Minister Danny Philip received the payment yesterday.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Philip said that the government of Solomon Islands urgently needs to equip the Caucus Office, Policy and Evaluation Unit, and the Government Communications Unit in order to effectively carry out its works and ensure that the government’s policy goals and objectives are achieved.

The equipments needed are IT office equipments including computers, printers, data projector, ups, photocopier, digital cameras, mobile phones, software, network and internet equipments, and a hilux vehicle.

The three small projects in Western Province are conceived to enhance and develop the tourism sector in Western Province.

Two of them are involved to build two homestays in Noro area and Lokuru community.

It is a common consensus that Western Province has a high potential for tourism development.

Therefore these projects will provide opportunities for the local people to earn income to meet their daily needs and promote ecotourism in the rural areas.

The third project aims to offer help patients who need medical treatment in Helena Goldie hospital, Munda.

Prime Minister Philip told Mr. Chan that these projects although are small and trivial in nature but they are vital and could help the communities and people concerned in a big way by improving their livelihoods and welfare.

Ambassador George Chan is pleased that the government of Republic of China (ROC) Taiwan is able to support Solomon Islands’ government to upgrade the IT equipments of Government Caucus Office and implement the rural policy to help the rural advancement in the Solomon Islands.

"The government of ROC (Taiwan) has committed itself to cooperate with NCRA government to enhance the livelihood of rural people of Solomon Islands," he said.

On behalf of People and the Government of Solomon Islands, Prime Minister Philip once again expressed his sincere appreciation to the People and government of the ROC,Taiwan.

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