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Wale ‘astounded’ by Prime Minister’s Office reaction

By Deli Oso HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Nov.26, 2010) – In Solomon Islands, the Opposition is astounded by the arrogance displayed by Director of the Policy and Evaluation Unit in the Prime Minister’s Office, Peter Boyers for asserting that the Deputy Opposition Leader does not deserve any answers from the National Coalition for Reform and Advancement (NCRA) government on its proposal to establish the National Bureau for Social and Economic Reform (NBSER).

Deputy Opposition Leader, Mathew Wale said that assertion either implies that Mr. Boyers does not appreciate and value the role the Opposition plays in a functional democracy or he is simply too arrogant.

"The Opposition has an important role to fulfill on behalf of the people of Solomon Islands. That role demands that the Opposition keeps a watchful eye on all what the government intends to do and does. The NBSER is one such intention. If the Opposition does not deserve answers to legitimate questions it has raised on the government’s intention then who can raise questions to this NCRA government? It is arrogance of the highest order for Mr. Boyers to say that there is no sense in talking to the Opposition. How does Mr. Boyers envisage a sensible dialogue happening on this particular government intention when the role currently played by the Opposition is part of sensible dialogue? If the government wanted more detailed face to face discussions, of course we would only be too happy to assist it. But to say that the role currently played by the Opposition is not part of a sensible dialogue seems to suggest a lack of understanding of how a democracy functions, the Opposition said. Is this the attitude of Prime Minister Danny Phillip as well? Is Mr. Boyers talking on behalf of the Prime Minister and the NCRA government? The questions raised by the Opposition are of interest to the people of Solomon Islands because the attitude displayed smacks of something the government would be well advised to do without."

Mr. Wale said he is not interested in massaging anything other than proactively critiquing the NCRA Government on its declared intentions and "I am sure this can benefit the NCRA government. If they don’t appreciate this then their appreciation for governance is possibly immature. Being critical of the government is not personal, nor is part of building a base for a vote of no-confidence in the Prime Minister, as suggested by Mr. Boyers."

The Deputy Opposition Leader said with or without a no-confidence motion, the Opposition is still required to fulfill its role to the people of Solomon Islands.

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