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‘Frans Philp De vol’ holds multiple passports

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Sun, Dec. 2, 2010) – The Fiji Immigration Department has in its custody a suspected fraudster who reportedly owes overseas interests FJ$1.2 million [US$640,000].

The man, who arrived in the country as Frans Philp De vol from Honduras in 2009, holds three other passports.

All passports; two Costa Rican and one from Vanuatu, contain different personal details and they were also used to travel to other countries like New Zealand.

Other names he has allegedly used are Franz Anton Von-Hapsburg and Frans Hapsburg.

The suspect is also reported to have owed locals FJ$69,000 [US$37,000] with some cases yet to be reported.

While investigations have been handed to the police, Immigration director Major Nemani Vuniwaqa said the suspect’s alleged acts came to light when they conducted an investigation on how he had been entering the country using different passports

"He was supposed to have been deported after his arrest on Friday, but the people whom he owed money to had requested that he be held back to pay his debts," Major Vuniwaqa said.

"We are also keeping him in custody to prevent him from obtaining more money from locals. He is believed to have owed more locally and offshore."

When questioned, the suspect had claimed that he was an investor and was in the country to build a hotel.

He told other people that he owned a scuba diving business in Fiji.

"If he was an investor then he should have followed the right procedures and liaised with the Fiji Islands Trade and Investment Bureau, Major Vuniwaqa said. When we first questioned him he said he owns a hotel in the Bahamas."

The suspect has given the Immigration Department until December 18 to extract money offshore to pay off his debts, including the FJ$30,000 [US$16,000] he owes his landlord for the apartment he rented. The communication process is done under strict supervision.

Major Vuniwaqa said the Vanuatu Police have also issued a warrant for his arrest for related matters.

Meanwhile, Major Vuniwaqa said those who breached the immigration laws will be taken to task. To those who know the suspect, Major Vuniwaqa is calling on them to come forward and help with their investigations. The suspect also claims he has an adopted son in Fiji.


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