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Economist claims $4 million budget increase

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, Dec. 6, 2010) - The Fiji military claims just a small part of its increased budget allocation is for military purposes.

There has been criticism that four years on from the coup, the Fiji military is taking an increasing share of the country’s diminishing public revenue.

But spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni says most of this money is going to three government departments that are now under the command of the naval squadron.

He says most of the additional US$4 million goes to the Government Shipping Services.

Lt Colonel Leweni says only around US$500,000 is for new equipment for the military.

But University of the South Pacific economist Dr. Wadan Narsey says in the past decade the military budget has been extended way beyond what the country can afford.

He estimates there’s been around US$400 million of extra spending on the military over that period, much of it illegal.

Professor Narsey also points out that audits of government spending have not been made available in any of the four years since the coup.

[PIR editor’s note: The Pacific Concerns Resource Centre stated in an earlier report that while increased budget went to the military, none was appropriated to the electoral commission towards the elections. The US$27million investment for the Fiji military is reportedly an extreme waste of financial resources that could be better diverted towards meeting people’s basic needs.]


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