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Governor Tulafono say prices are unreasonable

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, Dec. 14, 2010) - The American Samoan governor Togiola Tulafono says he is exploring the possibility of the government setting the prices of certain goods, including food and building supplies.

Speaking on his radio programme, the governor said he had seen for himself the increase in prices at local shops and understands the hardship people are experiencing.

He says he has looked into import prices for some goods and can confirm that the prices paid by business owners were much lower than what they are selling for.

Togiola said he has always been a staunch believer of free enterprise but he has seen for himself that prices for some goods are out of control.

He says he expects that there will be a lot of opposition from business owners to government intervention.

[PIR editor’s note: American Samoa’s Department of Agriculture website says the country is presently importing 95 percent of its food supplies from overseas. "The recent hike in oil prices has resulted in increases of food prices in our grocery stores, because the airlines have increased their freight rates to compensate for higher fuel costs."]

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