By Daniel Namosuia

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Nov. 25, 2010) – Central Islands Province is one of Solomon Islands developing provinces struggling economically to survive the socio-economic challenges that this country is facing.

With its booming population, and the dire need to sustain these challenges the province has to think seriously about investing in its tourism sector.

Ngella islands lies to the north of Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands is an hour fifteen minutes cruise by fast craft 360 Discovery to Tulagi, its capital.

The island is well known for its WW II and the British Administration history.

With not much natural resources to economically benefit the minority population, the province’s only survival would be on tourism.

The province could not depend on its sea and land resources since most of them are already eaten away by unsustainable harvesting.

The survival of this province would depend entirely on tourism to take them into the future. With its magnificent white sandy beaches, cool breeze, clear pristine waters, beautiful coral reefs, excellent surfing and fishing sports, beautiful people and the inviting environment that nature provides.

Not forgetting its historical attractions, Ngella is a hidden paradise.

With so much to see and experience on these islands of Ngella, it is a much visit destination for tourists and visitors to discover.

It has very beautiful resorts that visitors can visit and experience. Resorts such as Roderick bay, Bugu, Maravagi, Tulagi resort and others that would steal your away from all your stresses.

These are lovely places to spend time away with friends and family and enjoy the natural beauty of these resorts.

However, these isolated resorts have been faced with communication and transport difficulties which hinder access to these lovely paradises.

Better Communication and transport services must be in place to foster tourism in Ngella Islands. Luck of communication and transport services really affects eco-tourism operators on the islands.

The extraction of bemobile towers in some of the remote parts of Ngella will definitely boost tourism there.

Most of the eco-tourism operators on the island shared same sentiments about the problems of communication and transport services.

Silent World has come to the rescue of tourist and visitors providing fast, comfortable and safety trips to Ngella daily on its schedule trip to Auki which makes life easier than it should.

It serves the costs tourist operators on Ngella could have met in having to provide transport to and from Honiara to pick up guests.

Traveling in outboard motor canoes is not very safe and reliable for visitors taking into account the distances of travel and dangers of traveling which puts the life of guests at risk.

Silent world’s fast craft the 360 Discovery made it accessible to Ngella in an hour, fifteen minutes to Tulagi.

Shipping Operations Manager of 360 Discovery, Phillip Andrews said, "The idea of 360 is to provide a safe and comfortable travel for visitors and the public to Tulagi Resort and an easy reach to other resorts on the islands. The aim is to provide the general public and visitors wishing to travel to these resorts a ticket centre easily accessible for them with no hustles. Provision of quality, safe and comfortable services in the shipping sector is vital for tourism in the country" said Mr. Andrews. And by linking eco-tourism operators in Ngella, it will benefit local operators in their tourism business.

Silent world is currently offering special weekend packages to discover Tulagi for two at very affordable prices from SB$1,390 [US$170].

This includes ferry fares, accommodation dinner and breakfast. This is a great opportunity to spend time out to relax and experience some of the finest resorts in Ngella and discover this unique paradise.

Tulagi Resort is one of the best spot to hold meetings, conferences and other events such as birthdays, weddings etc.

Have a taste of difference with some of the best island dishes that these resorts can provide.

Thinking of a place to spend your weekend? Discover Tulagi will drive you crazy.

Come and enjoy a trip of a lifetime with 360 Discovery to Tulagi this weekend.

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