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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Jan. 15, 2011) – Recent statements by outgoing Republic of China (ROC) Ambassador George Chan that we are blessed with heat from the sun was an absolute truth.

And a pledge that ROC is planning to transform the Solomon Islands into a solar energy hub was not only welcoming but encouraging as well.

Solar energy is the best approach the country should take for a number of reasons.

Firstly, as stated by the departing ROC ambassador; we have abundant heat everyday that absolutely suits such undertaking.

Heat from the sun as we all know does not need fuel. It is eternally free.

Secondly, we simply cannot afford fuel as evident now with the continuous power cuts in Honiara. It is draining out millions of dollars every year.

Thirdly, solar energy will power the powerless in the rural communities.

The densest population of the country is in the rural parts of the country and they do not share the luxury of having power in their homes enjoyed by residents living in urban centers.

The most important thing of all is, it is clean and has no effects on the environment as the use of fossil fuel does.

By turning to solar energy, we are indirectly sending a message to the world that we care about our Islands in terms of climate change.

We have been very vocal in recent talks on Climate Change in Copenhagen and Cancun, and one way to show the developing countries that we really care is by taking the lead in turning to clean and safe modes.

The government should therefore seriously pursue this initiative with Republic of China.

This means committing a portion of the budget to this undertaking.

Prime Minister Danny Philip when he thanked ROC this week during the handing over of the solar sets said "the bible said those who give will be blessed."

How can we be blessed when we receive all the time? True that we have very little to give away but let us assist initiatives by outsiders in trying to improve the lives of Solomon Islanders.

The fee free education is rolling very successfully which is benefiting rural people who cannot afford school fees, thanks to the New Zealand government for their financial assistance on this front.

And that was one significant achievement of the Derick Sikua led the Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement government, who successfully facilitated and implement the scheme.

It is your turn Mr. Philip to make another significant achievement of such magnitude which touches the lives of people during your term and solar energy is the best one.

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