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University President Peltzer denies wrongdoing

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, Jan. 25, 2011) - A group of academics accusing the president of the University of French Polynesia, Louise Peltzer, of plagiarism says she is still to answer the questions put to her in an open letter.

The group has also dismissed her claim that she is being criticized because of the controversy surrounding university reforms.

The group of academics has issued a second statement, saying the reputation of the University of French Polynesia is at risk and the Minsitry of Higher Education should act. Earlier this month, 26 researchers and teachers accused her of having published a study in 2000 which was in essence taken from a book written by the Italian author, Umberto Eco. One of the signatories, Jean-Michel Charpentier, says Professor Peltzer tried to publish some of his work under her own name, prompting him to alert other researchers who then spotted the similarities between her texts and Mr. Eco’s writings. The statement says these matters all precede the disagreements over the university reforms and are neither personal, political nor judicial attacks.

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