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Funding to be provided by government

By Jane Joshua PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Jan. 27, 2011) – In Vanuatu, the government process for the handing over of some schools and hospitals to the churches will start in 2012.

According to the Neil Thomas Ministry (NTM) media office, Prime Minister Sato Kilman told the NTM flock last Sunday that the government will soon identify which schools and hospitals in the country need to be handed over before the official handing over takes place next year.

"The official funding of these specific schools and hospitals which will be handed over is the responsibility of the government but the official administration and operation will have to be done by the churches," he said.

Prime Minister Kilman specifically thanked Neil Thomas Ministries in taking the lead in this area by operating their clinics and the different schools in Vanuatu on their own and for leading the initiative of venturing into business opportunities.

He said he was part of the previous Government that honored the Founder of NTM Inner Life Ministries, Dr. Neil Thomas, with Vanuatu’s Badge of Honor Award in 2010.

And now as the country’s Prime Minister, he asked Dr Neil’s Son, Pastor Peter Thomas who was also present in the FOL service, to convey his thank you to Dr Thomas when he returns to Australia, for the work he has been doing in promoting the Kingdom of God through out Vanuatu.

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