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Alleges French government speeding up decision process

PAPEÉTE, Tahiti (Tahitipresse, April 18, 2011) - The French Council of ministers should discuss this week the electoral reform prepared for French Polynesia, according to several sources in Paris.

The French government now seems to speed up the process. After the Council of ministers, the text should be voted by the French Parliament.

The electoral reform should be on the agenda of the French Parliament as early as May 30.

There are no indications so far, however, that this could lead to snap elections.

Last week, French Polynesia Assembly members unanimously said the bill is not satisfactory.

They proposed several changes on parts as important the constituencies or the number of ministers in French Polynesian governments.

But sources in Paris reportedly said that the French government will not take into account the French Polynesia Assembly vote. This vote, in fact, is just a "legal advice".

Sources in Paris also reportedly said they would like the bill to be voted "before summer".

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