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18-foot croc grabs him in river

By Jorge Rumaropen PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, April 27, 2011) – In Papua New Guinea, a nine-year-old school boy escaped the jaws of a six meter crocodile and is now nursing ugly wounds to both arms at the Kavieng Hospital.

Eshra Freedy, an elementary student from Bo village in Namatanai District, went swimming in a river with a group of friends last Tuesday and did not see the monster lurking nearby.

Young Eshra dived into the river and suddenly a crocodile gripped both his arms. The boy realized that he was caught and started struggling to get free. His friends realized the attack and started screaming in frenzy for help. After some minutes of struggle, the crocodile suddenly let go of the boy and swam away. The boy was pulled out of the water by his mother. He was taken to the Namatanai Hospital and later rushed to Kavieng Hospital.

Fortunately for the young boy, his bones were not fractured during the attack.

He relayed his story from his hospital bed that the attacked happened so fast that he could not remember how he struggled but he remembered gasping for air once and then was pulled back into the water and then was left lying weak and helpless in the river.

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