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Comprehensive school program offered in French, English

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, May 5, 2011) - Vanuatu has launched its first ever national education curriculum.

School principals and other education officials have been working for years to produce one curriculum in English and French.

At present students attending English schools graduate with a different, and higher qualification than students at French schools.

Francophone students who graduate in Year 14 are rated as having a lower level of qualification than anglophone students who graduate in Year 13.

But the acting principal education officer, Charlie Albert, says this’ll change with the new curriculum since francophone students will complete their secondary studies in Year 13 and be eligible to apply for university study.

And our correspondent says former graduates of the French schools have complained they’ve suffered under the dual system, a legacy of the former colonial rule.

They say when they apply to the University of the South Pacific, they find they know nothing of the Pacific because their studies concentrated on France and Europe.

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