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Bougainvilleans to cast in main roles

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, May 24, 2011) - Production staff and cast have begun arriving in Bougainville in preparation for the filming of the popular novel, Mister Pip.

They include New Zealand-born director of Shrek, Andrew Adamson and producer Robin Scholes.

Mister Pip was a novel written by New Zealander, Lloyd Jones, that is set in 1991 during the decade long Bougainville conflict.

The Post Courier newspaper’s Gorethy Kenneth says it’s great that some Bougainvilleans have been cast in main roles, and that filming locally will help promote tourism.

"Bougainvilleans are basically strong people but emotional people as well they are strong, they are hardworking people. But for tourism sake, it will be a big thing for Bougainville."

Gorethy Kenneth says much of the movie will be filmed on location in Pidia, near Arawa.

[PIR editor’s note: Big Idea reports nearly 50 percent of filming will be done in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. "Focus Features International will commence sales in Cannes. The film will be distributed in New Zealand and Australia by Transmission Films and Paramount Pictures."]

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