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‘I will not bow down t Earth Island’s cheap talk’

By Douglas Marau HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, May 25, 2011) - Director of marine export Robert Satu said he would not bow down to cheap talk made by the Earth Island Institute (EII) to stop dolphin hunting in the country.

This followed remarks made by EII associate director Mark Berman yesterday that EII would not allow Dong Won Industries to establish in the Solomon Islands until the capture and trade of dolphins end permanently.

[PIR editor’s note: Robert Satu is the director of the controversial Marine Mammal Educational Centre, a private captive dolphin operation in the Solomon Islands’ Florida isles, off the north coast of Guadalcanal, which has exported live dolphins to water parks around the world. ]

Mr. Satu said the comments made by Mr. Berman were a waste of time.

Dong Won Industries is a Korean tuna company that is proposing to kick off a project called ‘The Wantok Project which is expected to cost US$120 million.

Last week Friday they met with top government officials to discuss their proposal to set up a cannery in Guadalcanal Province.

"I can guarantee you that the Government is more concerned about investment rather than placing a ban on dolphin hunting so like it or not Dong Won will operate and dolphin hunting will go on until the Government bans it totally," he said.

Satu said he would soon resume capturing dolphins again in June.

He said when he starts capturing dolphins he would call all the media to take photographs when he slaughter the mammals.

"I will not bow down to Earth Island’s cheap talk," he said.

Satu said EII has a personal grudge against him and that was why they personally attacked him in the media all the time.

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