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Thousands demand action on compensation claims

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, May 31, 2011) - The Papua New Guinea Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) project site at Hides in the country's highlands has been shut down by landowners seeking action on a log of claims.

The move came after thousands gathered for the funeral of their high chief over the weekend.

The landowners, from the 26 Tuguba clans, want action from the PNG Government on LNG benefits sharing issues which go back to 2009.

After a funeral for their chief, Himuni Homoko, thousands of people moved down to the Hides site of the PNG LNG project.

Their spokesperson says they will camp there, blocking access to the site, until their demands are met.

A spokesman for PNG's acting Prime Minister, Sam Abal, says the government is aware of the situation.

Mr. Abal has appointed his Minister Assisting on Constitutional Affairs, Francis Potape, to negotiate with Mr. Homoko's family.

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