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French Polynesia up in arms

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, June 3, 2011) – French Polynesia is expected to appeal a decision by France to stop the teaching of indigenous languages in its regions and territories.

The mayor of Tahiti’s Teva i Uta town and a former pro-independence politician, Tina Cross, says preparations are underway to have Tahitian declared an official language and people are furious at the decision to stop teacher training in Tahitian.

She says the Minister of Education has denounced it and there’s strong support for the government to mount an appeal.

"He declared that he wish the French government to stop considering us like monkeys. We know that in the European countries they promote all the languages of Europe and we wish our reo to be officialised too."

Tina Cross says an appeal will also be discussed at two regional mayoral forums this month.

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