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Parliament only serves interests of those in power

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, June 8, 2011) – A former National Court judge in Papua New Guinea is calling for sweeping changes to the national parliament, which he says in its present form only serves the interests of those in power.

Nemo Yalo says the ultimate accountability mechanism in a democracy should be the nation's Parliament and he says in PNG it is failing.

Mr Yalo has told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat the current political system is open to corruption and is failing the people of PNG.

"The speaker - who is the independent referee - does not act like one," he said.

"He either moves the goal posts around or allows the goal posts to be moved by one side of the house and change the rules of the game on the floor of parliament, and there is absolutely no fairness. He either gags or stifles legitimate checks and balance process."

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