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Threaten sanctions if members suffer retaliation

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, July 18, 2011) – The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions says it’ll step up action in support of Fiji unions if leaders like Felix Anthony are further victimised by the Fiji regime.

Fifteen unions met the senior Fiji trades union official yesterday.

He told them of increased intimidation of union workers by the Fiji military and increasing curbs on union activity.

The secretary of the New Zealand Council Peter Conway says unions representing maritime and airline workers may place bans or boycotts on services to Fiji and any action may be brought forward if Mr Anthony’s targeted when he returns home.

"We’re not ruling action out or in. Our preference would be that there is action but we’re a democratic movement and that has to be discussed with members and we’re also aware that when you take action of this sort you need to have broad public support."

Mr Conway says he’ll seek support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enable Mr Anthony to return home safely.

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