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Tebuai Uaai wants Health Minister pay government back $2,092

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (The Kiribati Independent, Sept. 12, 2011) – As Kiribati prepares for fresh elections next month, reports have emerged that Minister of Health and opposition Member of Parliament were involved in an ugly scuffle outside parliament.

Member of Parliament Tebuai Uaai raised a motion in parliament demanding the Minister of Health Dr. Kautu Tenaua to pay back AU$ 2,000 [US$2,092] to government he claimed during his visit to Vietnam because he was not entitled to it.

The motion was defeated. And outside parliament opposition Member of Parliament Tebuai Uaai, from Tabiteuea South, was heard as describing the minister a ‘thief’.

‘That’s how the whole incident happened,’ says The Kiribati Independent correspondent in Tarawa.

It was not uncommon to hear reports of Members of Parliament involved in brawls like these. Speaker of parliament was reportedly unable to discipline the Members of Parliament because he didn’t see the incidence himself.

Dr. Tenaua is a medical doctor and represents the island of Abaiang in central Kiribati.

The Kiribati Independent

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