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Brain of deceased police informer used in worship

By Frank Rai PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Sept. 13, 2011) - Worshippers in a cult movement in Morobe Province murdered a man, cut his head open and used his brain in their worship to gain supernatural powers, Police said yesterday.

Police said the group performed the gruesome murder and worship, only hours after they were questioned over their cult activity and released by Police in Finschhafen in Morobe Province.

"They are members of the main cult group, other smaller groups are coming up as affiliates to the main group. We have an alarming increase of cult activities in the Sialum area in Tewae Siassi district which has resulted in a serious breakdown of law and order," Assistant Commissioner for Police (ACP) Giossi Labi said.

Mr. Labi said the deceased was a police informer, who was reportedly hacked to death by followers of the cult group last week.

He said the deceased had helped the Finschhafen police to apprehend the group of men from Sialum and were taken in for questioning and later released, without arresting any of them and laying formal charges.

Mr. Labi said the men went back to Sialum, rounded up the police informer, chopped him to pieces and took his head to their scared site in the bush.

He said the cult followers smashed the head and took out the brains to perform the cult worship to gain supernatural powers.

ACP Labi said law and order in the area had deteriorated and the group had even threatened public servants and police personnel at Sialum station.

"I will be deploying a group of mobile unit into the area today to arrest those involved and contain law and order. There is no respect for law and order in the area and this cult group has also threatened the State," Mr. Labi said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Labi said has also called on the local Members of Parliament concerned and the Morobe provincial government to provide funds to maintain law and order in the area.

ACP Labi said the law and order funds allocated under the District Service Improvement Program (DSIP) should not be diverted to other projects but used in emergency cases like the Sialum cult problem.

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