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Koroalau district village to move two kilometers inland

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Sept. 20, 2011) – Another village in Fiji is being moved away from the coastline because of rising sea levels.

The village, in the Koroalau district, will be the second to be moved in this way as the rising sea level increases the threat of storm surges and flooding.

Peter Emberson, a climate change and resettlement officer from the Pacific Conference of Churches, says big storms and high seas regularly flood the village.

Mr Emberson has told Pacific Beat the resulting salt water intrusion into gardens and the water table threatens the food supplies and more communities will probably have to be resettled.

"The village is located in northern Fiji on the second largest island of Fiji," he said. "About 30 homes and 100 people will be forced to move two kilometres into the interior of the island. So it's Fiji's second incident where they will be moving as a result of the impact of climate change."

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