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Australian agency to train 11,000 islanders in advanced methods

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Sept. 28, 2011) – Solomon Islands non government organisation Kastom Garden has signed a US$2.5 million agreement with Australia's international aid agency AusAID.

The environmental NGO estimates 11,000 people will be trained in farming methods and nutrition as a result of the funding agreement.

Kastom Garden general manager Clement Hadosaia says thousands of families in Solomon Islands will be provided with better food crops and advice on more effective farming methods.

He told Pacific Beat that he hoped the agreement would improve the domestic agricultural market.

"People can produce more from the garden and then they can keep their families happy by feeding them with enough food to eat with the nutrients that are good for their health," he said. "Also, as part of the program we will be encouraging them to look further than that and into the serious business of farming."

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