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Shady deals with private companies

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Nov. 1, 2011) – In the Solomons, an internal audit of the Department Of The Ministry Of Finance has uncovered a number of shady deals between certain officials and some private companies worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It was uncovered that forged letterheads and false quotes from certain private companies had been used to win certain contracts to print jobs for a number of government ministries.

This was done without the knowledge of the commercial companies.

Sources within the ministry of finance said this practice had been going on for many years.

And a number of firms are believed to have been affected by such illegal dealings.

Solomon Star Limited has been called to assist the internal auditing department in their investigation to identify the documents.

Solomon Star’s letter head too have been forged and the ministry of finance want to stop this type of deals.

A spokesperson for Solomon Star Limited said once these forged documents have been well established police will be called in to see if criminal charges can be made.

Investigations are continuing.

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