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Bodo Dettke maneuvers for support of ‘no confidence’ motion

By Eddie Osifelo HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Oct. 29, 2011) – In the Solomons, sacked Minister for Forest, Bodo Dettke has set up his camp at Pacific Casino ahead of next month’s motion of no confidence in Parliament.

A reliable source confirmed Dettke wanted to kick off the political maneuvering with his close associates namely James Tora (MP for Ulawa Ugi), Stanley Sofu (MP for East Kwaio), Douglas Ete (East Honiara), Mark Kemakeza (Gela) and Selwyn Riumana (Hograno, Kia, Havulei).

It came as no surprise as these MPs including Dettke have been sacked by Prime Minister Danny Philip in April for failing to maintain their loyalties with him.

This was despite having helped Philip to win the election of the Prime Minister on August 25 2010.

[PIR editor’s note: Prime Minister Danny Philip announced to the public earlier in the year that Bodo Dettke and Douglas Ete were the ring leaders behind the conspiracy to overthrow the government. Philip also indicated that Bodo owed the government up to $1.9 million in outstanding tax liabilities and that he had misused large amounts of money appropriated for the country’s infrastructure projects.]

The sacking was seen as a clean up campaign by Philip after he replaced them with former Opposition Leader Steve Abana’s group.

Abana’s group included Rick Hou (MP for Small Malaita), Andrew Hanaria (MP East Are Are), Clay Forau (Temotu Vatud), Connelly Sandakabatu (North West Choiseul), Peter Tom (West kwaio).

MP for Baegu Asifola David Tome was the latest member of Abana’s team and is likely to take up a ministerial portfolio in the Government.

In April, Bodo’s team have teamed up with Abana’s camp to oust Philip.

They have claimed the number to rule leaving the Government with no supports.

However, the Governor General, Sir Frank Kabui, decided against setting a date for parliament because he wanted to stay out of the political impasse.

This gave the Government more time to regroup and pass the supplementary budget.

Our source said Abana’s team decided to stay out of this political impasse.

"They don’t want to involve in this politicking," our source said.

The Parliament is set down to meet on November 11 to December 16.

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