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Former Prime Minister Sikua takes aim at Philip

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Oct. 29, 2011) – In the Solomons, two ministers have taken their oath at the Government House yesterday afternoon to take up their new ministerial portfolios after a reshuffle Thursday this week.

They are Bradley Tovosia who is the new minister for Fisheries and Dickson Mua who will be looking after the ministry of Forest and Research.

Mr. Tovosia who was relieved from his portfolio as minister of Forest and Research will now look after the ministry of fisheries which was left vacant for sometime under caretaker minister Moffat Fugui of Environment and Conservation.

Dickson Mua was relieved from the ministry of Women Youth and Children Affairs.

Minister Tovosia spoken to after receiving his oath said he was very happy to undertake a new portfolio which he says will be a challenge however hopes to see major projects that has been left pending for some time.

He said his ministry is a one of the big revenue earners of this country and wants to see major fishery projects at Doma, Tenaru and Suava to start moving.

Likewise, new Minister of Forest and Research Dickson Mua is excited about his new portfolio that comes after some lengthy consultation and he is looking forward to this new challenge.

He said this is the biggest and most challenging ministry.

"I would like to thank the government to have the trust in me to look after this ministry. And since I was called to serve, I am confident to continue to work together with this government to fulfill its policies for the people of this country," Mua said.Both ministers will be undertaking their new ministerial duties as of Monday next week.

Meanwhile the decision on who to minister the ministry of Women Youth and Children will be made known next week.

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