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Philip cites ‘intriguing stories’ from officers

By Ednal Palmer HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Nov. 1, 2011) - Prime Minister Danny Philip retorted that he is definitely taking the opposition leader Dr. Derek Sikua to face justice on the allegations of physically abusing police officers.

[PIR editor’s note: Dr. Derek Sikua was Solomon Islands former Prime Minister from 2007 to 2010 until Prime Minister Danny Philip won in the August 2010 general elections.]

In response to the challenge made by Mr. Sikua for the Prime Minister to bring on the legal challenge published in the Solomon Star on Saturday last week, Mr. Philip said he is seeking justice.

"This is good. Because when he became Prime Minister, he knew nothing as absurd as abusing police officers by any Prime Minister in Solomon Islands. The same CPP (Close Protection Police) officers told me about all these intriguing stories and are all willing to testify against the former Prime Minister," he said.

The Prime Minister said according to the CPP officers, there had never been any settlement done.

He alleged that the Opposition Leader is now calling members of the CPP on the matter.

"According to sources, the Leader of Opposition is personally calling members of the CPP by phone and this is worrying. The big people have always found ways to conveniently establish safety valves to escape justice and I am no exception, if there are indeed cases to answer.

But Prime Minister Philip warned Dr. Sikua that if he is trying to stand in the way of justice he will face greater consequences.

"The fact that Dr. Sikua admitted in his media statement that, "… those matters had already been settled," did in fact conceding to the fact that he had indeed committed the offences. The concerned officers said no settlement ever occurred. What the former prime minister must realize is that no amount of settlement will make this offence right, unless such settlements are sanctioned by the court. But the matter must go to the court first. Harassing police officers or any law officer for that matter is a chargeable offence under our laws," Mr. Philip said.

The PM said that he will also seek legal counsel to revisit a case in which the former prime minister allegedly committed a public offence when he visited New York to address the United Nations General Assembly some years ago.

"It will be interesting to know how he was released from litigation when the matter went to court on the basis of his sworn affidavits. New eye witnesses of the incident marveled at the sworn affidavits submitted to court which took him off the hook.

The Prime Minister said he is adamant there is certainly a case to answer and that a judicial review is imminent.

Attempts to get a response from the Opposition leader last night were unsuccessful.

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