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Hopes partnership will increase interest of collectors

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 21, 2011) – Tokelau has signed a five-year contract with New Zealand Post for it to produce stamps which highlight Tokelau’s Pacific heritage.

A New Zealand Post representative says previously Tokelau had been using another business to get its stamps.

Ivor Masters says he hopes the partnership will trigger an interest in Tokelau both in New Zealand and internationally.

"What’s clear is by a five-year contract, it enables us to properly not only design and market the stamps, but also grow the collectors’ world and an interest both nationally and internationally for their behalf – so we think it’s definitely a win-win scenario"

Masters says the costs will be much the same as stamps around New Zealand, ranging from 45 cents to two New Zealand dollars [US$.034 to US$1.51]. The stamps became available for purchase last Thursday.

[PIR editor’s note: The first stamps to come of the Tokelau-New Zealand partnership celebrate Christmas with four unique designs. The New Zealand Post has also recently been contracted for two years to design and produce stamps for Niue.]

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