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‘Outreach Program’ reaches outer islands

MAJURO, Marshall Islands (Yokwe, Nov. 23, 2011) – The First Lady of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Mrs. Hannah Zedkaia, traveled to the outer islands of Namu, Wotje, and Likiep recently to distribute baby clothes and items under her "Mother and Child Outreach Program."

Shortly after her arrival back in the capital atoll of Majuro, the First Lady flew to Mili Atoll, but arrived back in time for the national elections.

She is also slated to visit Arno Atoll before January, 2012.

"The visit to Arno is significant in that it will mean that the "Mother and Child Outreach Program" has successfully distributed baby clothes, feeding bottles, pampers, baby wipes, baby blankets, and other much needed items to all 24 atolls since the First Lady started her program in late 2009," stated today's release from the RMI Government Office.

The First Lady has also taken her cause to the Northwest Arkansas region in the U.S. The largest contingent of Marshallese outside of the islands resides in Springdale and nearby communities.

During her September visit, with the help of a local task force, Gaps in Services to Marshallese, and the Jones Center, the First Lady was able to spread the word and collect donations for her charitable organization.

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