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This despite the Board of Education’s tougher policy stance

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Dec. 27, 2011) – The student representative on the Northern Marianas Board of Education, Mary Hocog, says bullying is such a major issues some students stay away from school.

This is despite the public school system having toughened its anti-bullying policy.

Ms. Hocog says some victims of bullying are not comfortable reporting incidents because they fear they will not be addressed.

Earlier this year the Board of Education tightened its policy on bullying and adopted formal regulations that allowed for offending students to be expelled.

[PIR editor’s note: Hocog, in a speech at the Board of Educations meeting, said bullying incidents were occurring more frequently at larger schools on Saipan. Other administrators at the meeting also called for school principals to pay careful attention to students' concerns about bullying and abuse. Hocog also talked about higher student-teacher ratios, which has resulted in many cases of overcrowding in classrooms.]

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