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Kilman’s Christmas message highlights progress

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Dec. 29, 2011) – In his Christmas Message televised over the national television on Christmas Eve, Prime Minister Sato Kilman reiterated his government’s stand to reduce corruption and corrupt practices in the country while at the same time reminded the population of Vanuatu that the beginning of 2011 has not been an easy one because of the political instability that persisted at the time.

"The people of this country are the priority. We must strive to serve the people and provide them the services that are needed. But the first eight months of this year ( 2011) has not been easy as the country was faced with much political instability which has cost the country much time and money," Prime Minister Sato Kilman said.

He recalled and reminded the population of Vanuatu that the country has achieved much in the last few months including; the rise in copra price that reached Vt80,000 per ton for the first time in the country’s history, passed many legislations for the country’s developments, began work on the revision of the country’s foreign policy, realized millennium goals projects of roads on Efate and Santo, a firm stand to reduce corruption and corrupt practice in Vanuatu, another company running and operating electricity in Luganville Santo, the Niscol Court Case which is ready to go to court, Asia Development Funds to upgrade shipping infrastructure and services throughout the country and a new ship yard to be built, telecommunications services throughout Vanuatu, strengthening of the public sectors services, and assistance provided by foreign missions to the people and the country of Vanuatu. The Prime Minister made a particular mentioned of the Chinese Government for the assistance of over Vt700 million provided to Vanuatu in the last two months.

The Prime Minister thanked the Churches for upholding Christian faith in the nation while thanking the Chiefs, the women and youth leaders for their roles in the Vanuatu community during 2011.

He thanked the teachers the health workers and the public servants for their contributions in the development of the country. The Prime Minister also thanked the Provincial Governments and the Municipalities in the roles they have played in the development of the country over the past 12 months with special mentioned to the Police and the national security of the country as well the private sector community and the population of Vanuatu including those in hospitals and the prisons.

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