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SOMARE’S DEPUTY: PNG AT RISK UNDER O’NEILL ‘Survival of the nation’ is at stake, Agiru asserts

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Jan. 4, 2012) - Deputy Prime Minister in the Supreme Court Restored Somare Government Anderson Agiru said, Papua New Guineans have argued the Political Impasse and the Actions of Parliament recently, in the narrow view of politics and the numbers game only.

Mr Agiru said this in a press release yesterday.

"We have not looked at the irreparable damage created, not only to the integrity of our Constitution but also to the credibility as a Nation as we face the development challenges that are before us.

"Every action has a cost. The cost to the nation, as a consequence of the recent actions by the hog-wild O’Neill/Namah regime in Parliament to stay in power are, dents to the National Credibility and additional Negative Points to Sovereign Risk. These costs to the nation shall be borne by our children in the long term.

"Our people must be commended for their zeal and resilience during the height of the political impasse for applying restraint and commonsense. Majority of them work their land, fish our rivers and seas and work long hours for low wages to afford daily sustenance. Members of Parliament have no right to prey on their patience and tolerance to act unlawful.

"Southern Highlander today or in the future will be Prime Ministers of our beautiful Country, but we will do so, not at the expense of undermining the Constitutional Supremacy of our Country. No matter what the short term gain is," Mr Agiru said.

The Supreme Court restored, new look, Somare Government will fight to ensure that Institutions of Government are not abused and manipulated for political survival he said.

"We will further ensure that the Constitution of PNG is not made a target for shooting practice. "For our survival as a nation in the 21st Century and beyond is at stake here," Mr Agiru argued.

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