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Faction aligned with O’Neill to form new Party

By Johnny Poiya

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Jan. 17, 2012) – The National Alliance Party faction headed by Don Pomb Polye has become a new political entity – that is official.

A name will be announced by the end of this month when the new political party is launched. The party aims to focus on developing the young to become good productive citizens, starting from early childhood development through to into skills development in later years.

The party’s other priorities will be on housing, improved teachers and health workers salaries and conditions, law and order, improved implementation of budgets and plans and creating a diversified economy. A major partner in the O’Neill-Namah coalition government and with 24 National Alliance Party members, the split brings to an end the run by one of PNG’s most successful political parties in the history of this country.

"Somare (Sir Michael Somare) is gone, and so will his party. NA will be history," Mr Polye announced in Mount Hagen yesterday, adding that his party will be launched at the end of this month.

Mr Polye said the new party would become an institution and a name would be given when all MPs and executives meet during what he claimed as NA’s last and his new party’s inaugural convention tentatively to take place from January 22 to 24 in Port Moresby.

Mr Polye made the announcement during the NA Highlands bloc convention in Mt Hagen on Friday.

Mr Polye said his party policies would move the country forward with the changing world and time, provided with a good skilled population that would be instilled with good moral values.

Mr Polye who has 24 National Alliance MPs now is confident of coming in after the elections with a much bigger and stronger group to play a major role in the formation of a new government. He said the current free education policy was a strategy to achieve his skills development policy and it would remain.

He said the party’s major policies were targeted at addressing the human mind and heart which have been left longing for years.

"We are not perfect but we should strive for perfection. PNG is at rock bottom in the human index and we should look at ways to improve from this. The appalling development indicators are a sign of a bigger problem.

"There must be good governance. If we don’t do anything now to address the ever increasing unskilled young population, they can be destructive but they can be constructive if we target them at the very early age," Mr Polye said. The members of the Polye team will sign their membership forms and register the party during the parliament seating which starts tomorrow.

Mr Polye said NA members with Sir Michael were abandoning him and joining the coalition’s parties in the O’Neill – Namah government.

Wapenamanda MP Miki Kaeok and Western Highlands Governor Tom Olga have crossed the floor to increase Mr Polye’s team to 24 members while three MPs from the Momase region, Timothy Bonga, Sasa Zibe and Kabwum MP Bob Dadea have

joined Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s PNG National Congress party.

Mr Polye said the movement indicated that the battle lines for the formation of new government after the coming elections were being drawn between his new party and Mr O’Neill’s party.

The Minister called on his fellow NA MPs from the highlands to join his new party, adding they would not advance under the leadership of Sir Michael.

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