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Party leader Mathew Wale calls rumors ‘fiction’

By Douglas Marau

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Jan. 23, 2012) – The opposition faction says claims they are masterminding a plot to overthrow Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo’s regime is all ‘fiction’.

The Government last week has pin-pointed deputy opposition leader Matthew Wale as the architect behind plans to unseat the Prime Minister.

The Government accused Mr Wale of lobbying Government members, collecting their passports and promising them a trip to Australia as well as big bucks.

But a statement from the opposition over the weekend said those were all lies created by the Government themselves.

"Never at any time did the deputy opposition leader solicit the support of Government Ministers and backbenchers to overthrow the Prime Minister as reported by the media," the statement said.

"The claims obviously stem from suspicions that exist between Prime Minister Darcy Lilo and certain political groupings of his coalition government due to some unresolved differences."

The statement highlighted that the Opposition however, is aware that some of the political groupings that form the ruling coalition were not happy with the Prime Minister because he did not consult Cabinet or the party leaders before making changes to some NCRA policies.

Last week Mr Wale also denied the allegations claiming the Opposition was contacted by certain Government members themselves.

Mr Wale said the Government has some internal issues.

"This whole thing is a liar, it is a problem within the Government and we have nothing to do with it," Mr Wale said.

"Factions within the Government have deep discontent internally just similar to the situation with former Prime Minister Danny Philip."

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