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Jasmine could be category three storm when hits land

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Feb. 5, 2012) – A tropical cyclone is strengthening as it makes its way towards Port Vila in Vanuatu.

The Vanuatu Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre says Cyclone Jasmine which is currently a category two cyclone is moving in an easterly direction.

Suva-based Nadraki weather expert, Neville Koop, has told Radio Australia it's currently due north of north western tip on New Caledonia.

"It's probably another 12 to 18 hours away from affecting Vanuatu yet, but it is intensifying as it moves almost due east out of the Coral Sea and into Vanuatu," Mr Koop said.

"It has developed quite nicely overnight and is starting to show, all indications of becoming a stronger cyclone, perhaps a category three by later today."

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