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Remembrance Day held on March 1

MAJURO, Marshall Islands (Yokwe, March 1, 2012) – In observance of the 58th anniversary of the Bravo Shot and the 2012 Nuclear Survivors Remembrance Day, many gathered at the International Conference Center today to commemorate and honor the victims and survivors of the nuclear tragedy. The Parliament (Nitijela) had set aside March 1st as Nuclear Survivors Remembrance Day, a significant day in the history of the Marshall Islands where the legacy of the nuclear radiation continues to affect the lives of many.

During the gathering, Ambassador Campbell expressed "regret" for the affects cause by the U.S. nuclear testing program conducted in the Marshall Islands. Minister of Foreign Affairs Phillip Muller, speaking on behalf of the President Loeak, assured the commitment and effort of the RMI Government to pursue the long standing nuclear issues of the Marshallese people with the Government of the United States.

Afterward, Utrok Councilman and survivor, Charles Takao Domnick, spoke of the horrible tragedy and the experiences he endured while growing up in Likiep Atoll. He described the health conditions he suffered plus the loss of many close family members and friends. His dramatic life experiences, like many affected by the nuclear tragedy, captured the attention of the gathering audiences at ICC. To read more of Takao’s remarks. The final speaker was Minister of Public Works Hiroshi Yamamura, who is also Utrok Senator, spoke on behalf of the Four Atolls about the continue suffering of Four Atoll people and the pending Nuclear Tribunal awards.

Concluding the Memorial service, students from the nuclear class of the College of the Marshall Islands led a Candle Light Vigil to honor the survivors and victims of the nuclear tragedy. A Memorial slide show, produced by the Ministry of Health, was presented during the candlelight service showing the detonation of code name Castle Bravo, strongest hydrogen bomb detonated by the United States in the Marshall Islands 58 years ago (March 1, 1954).

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