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Provincial reviews of proposed changes ongoing

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, March 3, 2012) – Rennell Bellona provincial team for Constitutional Congress have successfully completed the Provincial Convention on the 2011 Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands, which was held for two weeks, from 18th of February to 2nd of March 2012.

Team leader for Rennell Bellona Congress Nominees Fr. Francis Taupongi verbally relayed to the Constitutional Reform Unit that they were satisfied with what they’ve covered in the draft and that participants were happy with the overall organization of the convention. The team was represented by their provincial nominees Fr. Francis Taupongi and Mr. Brian Saoba.

Rennell Bellona is the second province to hold its convention following Choiseul province early this year, inviting chiefs, provincial members and representatives of various stakeholders from the province to be part of this important task.

[PIR editor’s note: The Solomon Star reports that Isabel Province is making plans to invite 50 participants to its Constitutional Reform workshop later in April.]

This exercise is specifically for representatives in the provinces and Honiara City to have their final say on contents of the draft Federal Constitution. Provincial conventions are said to be completed by July this year depending on finance and the weather, followed by a National Convention in the later part of 2012 as the final consultation activity, before it is professionally drafted and passed by Parliament next year.

According to Constitutional Reform work plan schedule, Honiara City team will be the third to hold its convention starting on Monday 5th of March at the Tandai Seafront Motel.

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