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Provincial head under fire for ‘lacking quality’

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, March 5, 2012) – The Solomon Islands’ Guadalcanal Provincial government, led by Anthony Veke, is facing a leadership challenge.

This follows a planned move to oust Premier Anthony Veke in a likely motion of no-confidence soon.

In a memorandum of solidarity signed last week cited by Solomon Star, 11 of the 13 members have signed their support to remove the premier.

"We as members of the Guadalcanal provincial government freely exercise our constitutional rights and political freedom hereby declare our commitment to remain in solidarity as a group for the purpose of moving a motion of no confidence on the Premier of Guadalcanal and the subsequent formation of a new government for the province."

They expressed their dissatisfaction over the leadership style of the current premier.

And they have declared a number of reasons for the need to change leadership in the interests of the people of Guadalcanal.

"We hereby declare the following to be the reasons for the need of a change of provincial government that would better service the interests of the people of Guadalcanal."

The members raised a number of allegations which warranted his removal.

[PIR editor’s note: This week, Veke has openly welcomed the vote of no-confidence suggested by Opposition members, saying their rights as leaders in the province include the ability to motion against any premier. The current move against Veke is the second time he has been put under the spotlight for alleged leadership problems since last March.]

These included; corruption by misuse and abuse of power and office, lacking in political direction for Guadalcanal province, lacking quality and respectable leadership, misappropriation of provincial funds, negligence of outstanding issues of the demands of the indigenous people of Guadalcanal and resolutions of the Guadalcanal Leaders Summit and failure to pursue proposed reconciliation between SIG & GPG.

It’s understood this is the second time for Mr. Veke to come under criticism over his leadership and to face a planned motion of no confidence.

In March last year similar moves were also made which were unsuccessful.

Attempts to get comments from Mr. Veke last night were unsuccessful.

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