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Emergency grant demonstrates ‘strong relationship’

By Peter Erick Magbanua

KOROR, Palau (Island Times, March 5, 2012) – With the aim to install new power generators including transportation and operational training, the Government of Japan has granted an emergency aid of 300 million yen or $4 million to Palau.

The event was held last Friday at the Office of the President in Ngerulmud with Japan Ambassador Yoshiyuki Sadaoka and President Johnson Toribiong present for the event with the purpose of responding as an emergency measure to the power crisis in the Republic of Palau.

The emergency grant funds the installation of four 500 KW power generators at the Malakal Power Plant including transportation and operational training.

As a result of the fire that broke out at Aimeliik Power Plant on November 5 last year, the electricity supply decreased by half, which has caused serious damage to people's lives. Given this situation, President Toribiong issued an emergency declaration on November 7.

Upon receiving requests for emergency aid from Palau, the Government of Japan held consultations with the Government of Palau as to the modality of aid, and decided to urgently provide support in the area of electricity supply including the provision of power generators.

About 16 years ago, the Government of Palau declared a state of emergency after the collapse of the bridge between Koror and Babeldaob and the Government of Japan extended the Government of the Republic of Palau a grant to construct Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge.

Emergency grant this time is another example that shows the strong relationship between two countries. The Government and the People of Japan hope that this emergency grant aid will contribute to the stable condition of electricity supply in Palau.

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