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11,000+ arrivals mostly from Taiwan, Japan, Korea

By Aurea Gerundio-Dizon

KOROR, Palau (Island Times, March 5, 2012) – The number of tourists visiting Palau in January this year has increased by 19.91 percent compared to the same period of last year.

Palau Visitors Authority yesterday released statistics for the month of January, in which an increase of 1,853 was recorded. Tourist arrivals in January totaled 11,161 (9,308 in the same period of last year).

The Republic of China, Japan and Korea are again the leading nations with the most number of travelers to Palau. Visitors from ROC totaled 3,686 while 3,508 visited from Japan and 1,885 visited from Korea.

PVA statistics further provided the following: 75 visitors from Australia/New Zealand; 69 from Germany; 257 from Hong Kong; 48 from Italy; 23 from Micronesia; 52 from Philippines; 628 from Peoples Republic of China; 58 from Russia; 12 from Switzerland; 22 from United Kingdom; 612 from US Mainland; 119 from other Europe; and 73 from other nations.

Aside from ROC, Japan and Korea, PVA also considered North America and Europe as key markets. Statistics showed visitors from North America increased by 49 from same period in 2011. However, Europe visitor arrivals showed a decrease by 59.

With the potential markets, including Australia, Hong Kong, PRC, Philippines, Guam and Russia, an increase in visitors from Australia, Hong Kong and PRC was observed while the other three showed decline in numbers.

As to the arrival by mode of transportation, PVA statistics showed 2,076 visitors arrived by Continental (flies daily from Guam and twice a week from Philippines), 1,890 arrived by China Airlines (flies regularly four times a week from Taipei), 593 arrived through China Airlines’ additional flight, 1,778 arrived by Asiana Airlines (flies regularly two times a week and two charter flight a week until February this year), 972 by Japan Airlines, 926 by TransAsia Airline chartered flights, 504 by Fly Guam from Taipei, 1,241 arrived by Delta Airlines from Japan, 945 by Korean Airline and 236 arrived by Continental’s charter flight from Hong Kong.

Statistics for the month of February is not yet available as of this writing.

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