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Proposed system hopes to minimize impact of septic tanks

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, March 6, 2012) – Tuvaluans are being shown a new film encouraging them to install composting toilets.

Called ‘Falevatie: A Toilet for our Future,’ it shows how composting toilets can help conserve water and minimize other damage to the environment, food security and human health.

The Tuvalu manager for the Integrated Water Resources Management project, Pisi Seleganiu, says the septic tanks that are currently in use pollute the ground water and the lagoon.

"Small atolls like Tuvalu really have no significant land scale to filter the waste water that comes out of our septic systems. That is one of the factors that we are really looking at and trying to find a solution to."

Pisi Seleganiu says the project, which is managed by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community with money from the Global Environment Facility, will help build 40 composting toilets on Funafuti.

He says they are anticipating additional projects, with other partners and the Tuvalu government, to build more on the main island and the outer atolls.

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