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ILLEGAL BABY ‘ADOPTIONS’ SCRUTINIZED IN SOLOMONS’ Unwanted infants allegedly for sale in open market

By Jeremy Inifiri

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, April 3, 2012) – Innocent babies are reportedly being put up for sales or adoption, a new practice claimed to be happening illegally at the Honiara central market.

The latest revelation had prompted members of the public to express their dismay over the practice that is now commonly sighted at the central market, reports reaching The Solomon Star revealed.

The selling of babies or putting up babies for adoption described as illegal or a crime in itself was once only a rumor that circulated through the streets of Honiara.

However over the past weeks, people who claimed to be witnesses or have been approached by those wishing to sell or put up their child for adoption have come forward sharing their concern in relation to this issue.

A mother who wished not to be named told The Solomon Star that two weeks ago, she was approached by a young girl believed to be in her twenties, wanting to put up her newly born baby girl for adoption.

"I was with my husband and son doing our shopping at the market for the weekend when I came across this young girl whom I believe is in her early twenties.

"She asked me if I wanted to adopt her baby as she couldn’t bear raising her on her own as her family has disowned her.

"When I asked her why she was doing this, she told me that the baby was his brother’s and that she couldn’t raise her own brother’s baby.

"I first told her I already have children and that if I were to adopt her baby, then we would have to go through the right and legal process," the woman said.

The mother said that feeling sorry for the girl she then agreed to adopt her baby.

However two weeks after bringing them home, the girl again decided not to put up her baby for adoption and instead wanted to go back home.

Another witness told The Solomon Star that last week, she came across another young lady at the market who wanted to sell her baby.

"I came past the corridor of the market and there was a small crowd of mothers standing around this young lady carrying a baby.

"When I finally went to where they were, I found out that this poor young girl was asking the women if anyone would want to buy her baby boy as she didn’t want to raise him on her own.

"We asked her why and she said her boyfriend had promised her of starting a family and made her pregnant, she however found out later that the boyfriend was already a married man and had told her he wouldn’t support her raise the child.

"This is indeed a cruel and common sight happening at the Central market nowadays.

"Responsible authorities should act on this," she said.

Many more reports of such have emerged over the past couple of days.

Solomon Star understands that a joint operation between Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and Honiara City Council (HCC) Law Enforcers are doing daily patrols at the Honiara Central market, tracking down illegal activities and petty crimes occurring in the area.

Attempts to talk to both the Police Media and the HCC Law Enforcement Office to confirm if they have heard of the issue were unsuccessful yesterday.

Comments are being sought from the Family Support Centre.

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