Dame Kidu Denounces Recent Political Leaders’ Conduct In PNG

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‘How can I possibly explain such madness?’ asks Dame Carol Kidu

By Shirlyn Belden

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, June 5, 2012) – Opposition leader Dame Carol Kidu has condemned the behavior of Papua New Guinea’s political leaders in their desperate pursuit of power in the past week.

She said the events had totally contravened the democratic protocols and processes of the independent democracy of Papua New Guinea.

Dame Carol, who attended a Pacific Islands meeting which included members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, said she was embarrassed to explain the continuing political tussle by PNG leaders when asked about the ongoing political happenings in PNG.

"The question I was asked was: What on earth is happening in PNG? It is very difficult to answer such a question,’’ she said.

"Politicians bursting into a courtroom to order the arrest of the chief justice, parliament being held after the issue of writs and then a sudden re-election of a prime minister after accepting the ruling of the Supreme Court (after arresting the judges responsible for the ruling).

"How can I possibly explain such madness to our Pacific neighbors?

"What has happened has contravened all protocols and processes that are the norm of a modern democratic state."

She said MPs should be concentrating on their campaigning and should only play the caretaker role until the formation of the new government after the elections.

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